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How to Choose the Right Hunting Rifle Stock

rifle stock choices

Choosing a rifle stock in today's marketplace can be daunting. The choices are seemingly endless with specialty stocks for varmiting, hunting and various competition shooting disciplines. Prices run the gamut, as well, from inexpensive wood and fiber to multi-adjustable models with full length metal bedding systems. Some high end models aren't even called rifle stocks Read More

Agenda 21 Largest Threat to United States Citizens

In a close vote in the US Senate, 53-46, citizens of the United States narrowly avoided turning our Second Amendment Rights over to the United Nations through Agenda 21. If you care anything about your Nation and the blood it has taken to earn and maintain the freedom and Liberty we currently enjoy, you have Read More

6.5mm Accubond Long Range Shipping Next Week

Nosler Accubond Long Range

Finally! The long awaited release of the new Accubond Long Range bullets in 6.5mm, 129gr are scheduled to begin shipping to retailers the first week in September 2013. Nosler announced the new bullet line, aimed squarely to compete with the Berger line of long range bullets, in October 2012. Now, almost one year later we Read More

Launch Date Approaching


The official launch of "A Hunting Life" is fast approaching. We have several equipment reviews ready for the launch including several reloading tools, optics, hunting gear, long range shooting equipment and gun care products. We are also building a 1000 yard factory rifle with completely stock parts. You'll want to tune in to see the Read More

Welcome to “A Hunting Life”!


A Hunting Life is a new website I have dreamed about building for some time. Hunting has truly been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. Needless to say, many of my most treasured memories are directly or indirectly related to my time afield. I have built and managed other successful outdoor recreation Read More

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